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Return Policy

Effective Date: 2020 Last Update: November 28th, 2020

General Condition of Sales

All sales from this site and store are final and not subject to return nor refund. The only exceptions to this policy are explicitly outlaid below. However, we hope that our customers are satisfied with all purchases, so if there are any issues, please send us an email and we will try to resolve it as best possible.

Return of Merchandise

The majority of apparel sold on our store is printed to order. It is also checked before shipping for accuracy. If you receive an item which you did not order, you may return that item for the originally ordered item. The correct item will only be exchanged in circumstances where there is evidence of clear damage during shipping. It is not possible to exchange items because of issues with size or color other than when the wrong item is delivered.

Return of Kits by Post

Due to the nature of shipping fresh food it is not possible to return any of the kits. If the wrong product has been delivered, please contact us by email so we can send the proper item. For delivery we use third-parties such as Wolt & Posti. Therefore, we are unable to ensure that the item will be delivered on-time and without damage. If there is damage to the kit from delivery please contact us with information on the delay and we will handle each situation on a case by case basis.

Our delivery partners give us certain guarantees that the kits will be delivered or be available for pick up within 48 hours of our dropping them off for shipping. Our current packaging has been tested to keep the contents in the safe range of 2-8 degrees C for 72 hours. Therefore, the food contents will remain cold through shipping and should be immediately placed in the refrigerator upon receipt. If you would like additional certainty that the food has remained cold at all times, during check out there is an option to buy a thermal label which will indicate if the contents of the box have exceeded 8 degrees at any time during shipping.

If you receive your kits and have reason to believe that the contents are not below 8 degrees or that there has been tampering of any kind, please send us an email and do not consume the kits.

If the kit is delivered or made available for pick up by our delivery partner within 48 hours from our drop off but the kit is not picked up and placed in a refrigerator within 24 hours due to delay on the customer then no refund will be provided. If the delay in delivery or availability for pickup beyond 48 hours is caused by our delivery partner, please send us an email with the information you have and refunds or new shipments will be made on a case by case basis.

Please note that as these are fresh food products, it is the customer’s responsibility to select a delivery day and time which they are able to receive the package.

Return of Kits by Pick-up at Stores

Due to the nature of the fresh kits they will be available for pick up from the chosen pick up location on the pickup day by 11:00am and will remain available to pick up by the close of business of the following day. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will not be able to pick up your kits. No refunds will be made for un-claimed kits.

Contact Us

If you have a question about the Fat Ramen website, please send us an email: info@fatramen.fi


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