5x Fat Ramen ingredients delivered to your home next day


Fat Ramen Survival Kit:

The closest you can get to eating the classic Fat Ramen in our restaurant. Place the order and we will deliver it to you the next Monday, Wednesday or Friday within 11.00 – 15.00. Orders accepted currently from Helsinki (within Kehä 1) and Espoo (within Kehä 2). Also, the kit can be picked up from any of our three delivery points. Please leave a comment if you are picking it up yourself.

What is included?
Five (5x) portions of each, make one at a time or all at once, it’s up to you:
– Hand made noodles by Fat Ramen Noodle Factory
– Tonkotsu broth. Made from free-range Finnish pork provided by Vallan Maukas, Ollikkala and Paija farms
– Oven-roasted free-range Finnish pork belly provided by Vallan Maukas, Ollikkala and Paija farms
– Fat Ramen style brined Finnish free-range eggs provided by Hornan tila
– Spring onions
– Fat Ramen style ssäm sauce
– Sesame seeds

Comes with easy to follow instructions. If you can boil water and reheat the soup, you can enjoy our classic Fat Ramen at home! We also have a video walkthrough for every step of the preparation and assembly.

Feel free to personalize the ramen with stuff from your pantry or order our add-on kits!

Make it Spicy – Add-on kit
Five (5x) portions of:
– Fat Ramen style black garlic oil
– Fat Ramen style spicy sriracha sauce
– Pickled and sliced chili peppers

Make it Fresh – Add-on kit
Five (5x) portions of:
– Assorted pickled vegetables
– Fresh organic greens from Ahlberg farm in Sipoo

Double Noodles – Add-on kit
Five (5x) extra portions of hand made noodles by Fat Ramen Noodle Factory

Extra Pork – Add-on kit
Five (5x) extra pieces of oven-roasted free-range Finnish pork belly provided by Vallan Maukas, Ollikkala and Paija farms

All kits are portioned so you can make as many or as few at once as you like. Simply refrigerate the unused ingredients and make at later date.

All items are best if used within 5 days of delivery.

We are developing additional ramen kits so check back regularly or follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to drop some feedback or wish your favorite ramen for the next survival kit to info@fatramen.fi.

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