From a “Restaurant Day” Pop-Up to a growing brand, Fat Ramen has been pleasing crowds and serving happiness in a bowl in Helsinki’s restaurant scene since 2015.

Our Story

Fat Ramen was the brainchild of our founders, Marcos Gois & Otto Sarpaniemi. Marcos, who is half Portuguese and half Finnish, came from Michelin-level kitchens around Europe before settling on a ramen concept. Together, Marcos & Otto sold ramen as a popup on the streets of Helsinki before finding a small stall in a 19th-century market hall in downtown Helsinki.

From there Fat Ramen was born. Always on a quest to improve the product, Marcos & Otto went to Japan and ate more than 100 bowls of different ramen before returning to Finland. Thankfully, their friend & filmmaker joined and documented their journey. You can find these documentary videos on our IGTV. Stay tuned.

Fat Ramen Founders
Marcos Gois
Otto Sarpaniemi


Periodically we will post job openings here. However, we are always interested in talking with people who want to join our brand. If you don’t see a specific opening below but are interested in working with us, please send your CV, a short introduction about yourself, and a description of your favorite ramen experience to


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